Current 93

A Little Menstrual Night Music

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This drastic Steven Stapleton remix of Current 93's 1986 LP In Menstrual Night was used as intro music for the band's live shows in 2003. It certainly works more on the level of background music than the original, which collaged tape loops, children reciting nursery rhymes, and other odd soundbites on two side-long tracks, back in Current 93's pre-folk days. In Menstrual Night is a creepy album, though less so than the more powerful works like Dogs Blood Order and Nature Unveiled. The remix completely blurs this all into a wash of eerie ambience, a heavy slue of echoes and filters whirled into drones while indecipherable wisps of vocal murmuring spill out of the soup. The original is nearly unrecognizable, even as the spooky atmosphere is retained, though with all the sharp edges smoothed and billowed to sound like some far-off choir of dispossessed angels chiming out of the depths. A compelling work that doesn't necessarily improve on the original but rather twists it into something far more relaxed, and nearly as strange.