Nancy Wilson

A Lady with a Song

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Artist Credit
Catte Adams Vocals (Background)
May Allen Vocals (Background)
Carl Anderson Vocals (Background)
Philip Bailey Vocals (Background)
Larry Ball Arranger, Bass, Composer, Producer
L. Smokey Bates Arranger, Composer, Producer
Monica Benson Vocals (Background)
Ted Brancato Composer
Alex Brown Vocals (Background)
Sonny Burke Overdubs
Dean Burt Engineer
Sam Burton Vocals (Background)
Dr. George Butler Executive Producer, Liner Notes
Karl Cameron Engineer
Michelle Carr Vocals (Background)
Pat Coil Overdubs
Natalie Cole Vocals (Background)
AndraƩ Crouch Vocals (Background)
Sandra Crouch Vocals (Background)
Sheryl Crow Vocals (Background)
Gene Curtis Engineer
Alicia Daniels Vocals (Background)
Pam Dearing Vocals (Background)
Neil Dignon Assistant Engineer
Corine Duke Vocals (Background)
Brenda Lee Eager Vocals (Background)
The Emotions Vocals (Background)
Charlie Ernst Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
Benny Faccone Engineer
Charles Fearing Guitar
Olivier Ferrand Engineer, Mastering
Lynne Fiddmont Vocals (Background)
Brandon Fields Saxophone
Ray Fuller Guitar
Siedah Garrett Vocals (Background)
Jim Gilstrap Vocals (Background)
John Goforth Composer
Anthony Gourdine Vocals (Background)
Bob Henley Vocals (Background)
Patricia Henley Vocals (Background)
Howard Hewett Vocals (Background)
Ken Hirsch Composer
Kenney Hirsh Arranger, Producer
Jaeanette Howes Vocals (Background)
Phillip Ingram Vocals (Background)
Kiyoski Itoh Producer
Anthony Jackson Vocals (Background)
Ricky Lawson Drums
Wayne Linsey Keyboards, Orchestral Arrangements, Piano, Rhythm Arrangements
Teena Marie Vocals (Background)
Charity May Vocals (Background)
Gwen McClendon Vocals (Background)
Hugh McCracken Guitar (Acoustic)
Gene McDaniels Composer, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Sami McKinney Composer, Producer, Vocal Arrangement
Jay Messina Engineer, Mastering
Dexter Moore Vocals (Background)
Yukio Morisaki Executive Producer
David Nathan Liner Notes, Vocals (Background)
Rick Nelson Vocals (Background)
Mike Nelvoin Composer
Michael OHara Composer, Producer
Lou Parini Composer
Freda Payne Vocals (Background)
Nia Peeples Vocals (Background)
Greg Phillinganes Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals (Background)
Kenny Pollack Arranger, Bass, Conductor
KC Porter Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, Producer
Michael Ruff Vocals (Background)
Karin Rybar Arranger, Composer
Alton Mcclain Scarborough Vocals (Background)
Skip Scarborough Arranger, Composer, Producer
Steve Schalchlin Vocals (Background)
Shanice Vocals (Background)
Alfie Silas Vocals (Background)
Sandra Simmons Vocals (Background)
Ben Smith Drums
Fred Snowden Vocals (Background)
Stephanie Spruill Vocals (Background)
Ivory Stone Vocals (Background)
Shari Sutcliffe Coordination
Hill Swimmer Engineer
Tsuyoshi Takayanagi Composer
Gary Taylor Vocals (Background)
Lisa Taylor Vocals (Background)
Carrie Thompson Composer
Libby Torrance Vocals (Background)
Mary Unobsky Composer
Wanda Vaughn Vocals (Background)
Stan Wallace Assistant Engineer
"Ready" Freddie Washington Bass
Vic Washington Vocals (Background)
Julia Waters Vocals (Background)
John West Composer, Orchestral Arrangements, Rhythm Arrangements
Maxine Willard Waters Vocals (Background)
Beau Williams Vocals (Background)
Deniece Williams Vocals (Background)
Crystal Wilson Vocals (Background)
Hilliard Wilson Vocals (Background)
Nancy Wilson Primary Artist, Vocals
Kent Blackweider Woodland Vocals (Background)
Syreeta Wright Vocals (Background)