Percy Thrillington


May 17, 1977

Orchestral/Easy Listening

Recorded shortly after Ram, Thrillington sat on the shelf for six years before being quietly released with little press. This instrumental version of Ram blends big band, jazz, pop, and even a bit of reggae in one of McCartney's most unique releases.

- John Vernier

The Saints

Eternally Yours


Aussie Rock

The Saints' 1977 debut (I'm) Stranded was an instant classic, one of the first and fiercest salvos in Australian punk, but their second LP, 1978's Eternally Yours, was where lead singer and idea man Chris Bailey (who died in April 2022) revealed how much more they could do. Here, Bailey mixed up the tempos, added a horn section, and dipped into pop melodicism without ever easing up on the band's dazzling intensity.

- Mark Deming