Lunatic Harness

June 30, 1997


Lunatic Harness marked Mike Paradinas' full embrace of the unrestrained rhythmic possibilities of jungle, and he managed to craft impossibly complex beat patterns matched only by the sheer emotion of the often heartbreaking melodies. Approaching its 25th anniversary, the album remains as jaw-dropping and life-changing as ever.

- Paul Simpson

The Beach Boys

All Summer Long

July 13, 1964

AM Pop

Released at the height of the American summer in 1964, All Summer Long represents the first step the Beach Boys took away from being a trendy pop band towards the more personal songwriting they'd perfect in just a few years on Pet Sounds. While there's still some spirited, rocking tunes about cars and the beach, Brian Wilson's inherent tenderness begins showing more clearly on these songs. The gleeful xylophones and flutes of the title track also hint at the expanded orchestral arranging that was soon to follow.

- Fred Thomas