April 30, 2021

Alternative Metal

Fortitude is a fitting, welcome follow-up to 2016's Magma and a brave new chapter in Gojira's continuing musical evolution as they weave old sounds with new ones in creating a sonic tapestry that showcases startling imagination, thought-provoking musical and human intelligence, complex emotions, and immense physical power.

- Thom Jurek


Everyday Life

November 22, 2019

Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

Lost in the shuffle between two monstrous pop albums, this double LP is their most fearless, uncomplicated, and artistically nourishing. Familiar piano balladry ("Daddy") and catchy mainstream fare ("Church," "Orphans") slide up against politically-charged moments of anger ("Trouble In Town," "Guns") and experimental dabbling into global flavors with an international cast of guest musicians. This is also home to one of their most epic songs, the rousing "Arabesque" featuring Stromae, Femi Kuti, and his band.

- Neil Z. Yeung