The Tannahill Weavers

Tannahill Weavers


Scottish Folk

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The Scottish folk icons truly came into their own on their eponymous 1979 set with a tightly-arranged and confident set of bagpipe and harmony-driven songs, jigs, and reels, many of which became signatures of their live shows over the coming decades.

- Timothy Monger

Killah Priest

Heavy Mental

March 10, 1998

East Coast Rap

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Due to his association with Wu-Tang, Killah Priest's first album managed to get released by a major label and debut in the top 25 of the Billboard 200, but much of it is far removed from mainstream rap, in 1998 or any other year. Drawing heavily from religious theology and mythology, his lyrics are deep and sometimes revelatory, and his delivery borders on abstract sound poetry at times. Decades later, he's still exploring new territory with the same fervor; last year's ambient rap opus Rocket to Nebula is simply unbelievable.

- Paul Simpson