New Reviews for May 17, 2024

To All TrainsEditor's choice
Touch & Go
Chicago's math rock titans dish out ten bangers in 28 minutes in a fitting yet unexpected finale to their career.
- Mark Deming
AtavistaEditor's choice
RCA / Wolf & Rothstein
R&B, Rap
This revamped version of 3.15.2020 sports a new mix, a shuffled track list, and all the daring and unpredictable brilliance of the original.
- Tim Sendra
Lives OutgrownEditor's choice
The singer/songwriter returns from a long hiatus with gorgeously weathered songs that explore aging with resolute honesty.
- Heather Phares
GloriousEditor's choice
Hail Mary Productions / Virgin
A bright, lively, and fresh spin on classic rock from the actress turned singer.
- Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Neon Pill
Frontman Matt Shultz exorcises personal demons as his band plays an alluring alt-rock pastiche.
- Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Lady on the Cusp
Set against a move from Georgia to Vermont, the project's shape-shifting 19th studio outing tends to favor its sexier, sassier, funkier proclivities.
- Marcy Donelson
Moon & StarsEditor's choice
Mono Mundo Recordings
Flashes of their retro-pop past and Latin-infused present mix on a great album from these roots country veterans.
- Mark Deming
Permanent Pleasure
Cultco Music / Hollywood
Boosted by orchestral backing, the Rochester indie crew scale back on concept and get creative on yet another addictive set.
- Neil Z. Yeung
Very Rec
AllMusic Staff Pick - May 20, 2024
Equally as engaging on the sampler as Matmos, Akufen, or Matthew Herbert, Secret Mommy's Very Rec is the culmination of nearly a year's worth of field recordings featuring friends doing recreational activities. Carefully cutting and reassembling these sounds into quirky compositions, Secret Mommy has serious fun capturing the sounds of scissors into cardboard paper, zamboni machines, or tennis balls and making them into songs with amazing results.
- Rob Theakston