Bad Brains

Rock for Light


Alternative/Indie Rock

Lacking a bit of the immediacy of their instant-classic debut, the Bad Brains' second album, 1983's Rock For Light, more than compensated with a tougher and clearer production (from Ric Ocasek) that documented the precision and ferocity of this great band in their prime. Did you need jazz-level chops to play hardcore punk? No, but the Bad Brains showed what could happen when that level of skill was applied to the faster-louder-shorted aesthetic.

- Mark Deming

Albert Ayler

New York Eye and Ear Control


Avant-Garde Jazz

This messy free jazz improvisation originally recorded as the live score to a film finds Albert Ayler's familiar players Gary Peacock and Sunny Murray joined by Don Cherry, Roswell Rudd and John Tchicai for a nonstop blast of energy and unstructured emotional processing through sound.

- Fred Thomas