The Pogues

Hell's Ditch



Produced by Joe Strummer, Hell's Ditch marked Shane MacGowan's last studio effort with the Pogues. While his unintelligible vocals and shambling demeanor can be distracting, songs like "Rain Street" and "Sunny Side of the Street" are well worth revisiting and the rest of the band picked up the slack in a big way, especially Terry Woods.

- Timothy Monger

Gene Clark / Carla Olson

So Rebellious a Lover



Good luck didn't visit Gene Clark often after he left the Byrds, but meeting Carla Olson of the Textones was a rare example of the right thing happening at the right time. 1987's So Rebellious a Lover grew out of informal jams between the two, and it was an inspired pairing that gave Clark the right vocal foil and musical partner; it was an indie success and his last great album.

- Mark Deming