The Chords

Rechordings [1978-1981]

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Of the bands that came out of the UK Mod Revival of the late '70s/early '80s, the Chords have aged the best. Sounding more than a bit like the Jam, the Chords could easily match them for fire and passion, and Chris Pope's songs were less concerned with style than the turmoil of the larger world. Rechordings (1978-1981) collects nearly everything they recorded, and shows why they deserve to be remembered.

- Mark Deming

Stars of the Lid

Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

October 9, 2001

Alternative/Indie Rock

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Taking a step further down the road they embarked upon with Avec Laudenum, Austin's most spaced-out duo have expanded the pure space and black hole vistas they previously offered to embrace small melodic fragments that seemingly endlessly repeat through minimally varying textures. The effect can either be soothing, hypnotic, or unsettling. Tired Sounds is for those who are looking for something unspeakably beautiful and determinedly unmentionable in its vast and luxuriant erasure from any musical category.

- Thom Jurek