Trevor Jackson

Metal Dance

March 20, 2012

Alternative Dance

This selection of unmixed tracks from graphic designer, DJ, and producer Trevor Jackson is true to its title and subtitle. The title is taken from SPK's included 1983 single, a swift and battering industrial dance track that is emblematic of the compilation as a whole. Metal Dance indeed surveys industrial, post-punk, and EBM (electronic body music) with a handful of classics surrounded by numerous rarities. All of it is worthy of re-visitation or discovery.

- Andy Kellman


Feel It Break

May 17, 2011

Alternative/Indie Rock

As chilling synths and ethereal vocals rise from the mist, this stunning debut from the Canadian act throbs to life. The album balances pulsing beats and urgent vocals with an aura that is both haunting and visceral, as if Florence Welch fronted an early incarnation of Depeche Mode. Fans of Fever Ray, Bjork, and Jonna Lee will not be disappointed by tracks like "Beat And The Pulse," "Hate Crime," and "Lose It."

- Neil Z. Yeung