George Harrison

Your Love Is Forever

Composed by George Harrison

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This yearning and emotive tune hails from George Harrison’s 1979 eponymously-titled solo effort. The long player may have made little impression with the average pop fan, however the intervening years have matured tracks such as “Your Love Is Forever” for more discriminating enthusiasts of Harrison’s vital and almost blasphemously underappreciated late 1970s/early 1980s catalogue. The plaintive ballad continues in much the same spirit as “Something” from the Beatles’ Abbey Road (1969). Likewise, both were written for the guitarist’s concurrent wives -- Patti “Layla” Boyd and Olivia Trinidad, respectively. In the wake of the verbal tempests consistently created within the McCartney/Lennon partnership, Harrison’s words and equally poignant melodies were rarely as thoroughly considered. The beautifully pastoral imagery of the ebb and flow of seasonal changes is contrasted to a love which is unremitting and perpetual. Particularly memorable are the chord progressions and lyrics during the bridge “I feel it and my heart knows you’re the one/The guiding light in all your love shines on/The only lover worth it all/Your love is forever.” The almost ethereal mood is furthered by Harrison’s languid and chiming guitar lines which climax with a

brief electric slide solo, reappearing briefly right before the coda. Sonically, this perfectly reflects the song’s sincerity and compassionate warmth. Also of note, Andy Newmark’s drumming, while prominent, is understated and subtly draws on the inherent intimacy.

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George Harrison 1979 Capitol / Universal
The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 2004 Parlophone
The Vinyl Collection 2017 Capitol / Universal
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