Fatboy Slim

Ya Mama

Composed by Dick Heckstall-Smith / Frankie Cutlass / Jon Hiseman / Norman Cook

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Charlie's Angels 2000
Original Soundtrack
Columbia 4:29
Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars 2000 BMG / Skint Records 5:38
Best Ibiza Anthems...Ever! 2001 2001
Various Artists
Kiss in Ibiza 2001 2001
Various Artists
Universal International 3:14
Bar Wars 2001
Various Artists
Import 3:14
Ya Mama/Song for Shelter 2001 BMG / Skint Records 5:38
Top of the Pops: Autumn 2001 2002
Various Artists
Polygram 3:15
Reloaded, Vol. 4 2002
Various Artists
Polygram 3:15
Nu Club Sound, Vol. 1 2002
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution
No Image 2002
Various Artists
Telstar TV Records 3:14
You've Come a Long Way Baby/Halfway Between the Gutter 2004 Sony BMG
The Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder 2006 Skint Records
No Image 2007 Skint Records
No Image 2008
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution
CMJ New Music, Vol. 88
Various Artists
College Media
Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 20
Various Artists
Promo Only: Alternative Club (October 2000)
Various Artists
Promo Only
Radioactive: Modern Rock Series (December 2000)
Various Artists
Skint #BeatportDecade Breaks
Various Artists
BMG / Skint Records 5:38
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