Frank Zappa

Wistful Wit a Fist-Full

Composed by Frank Zappa

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"Wistful Wit a Fist-Full": the moment near the end of a Broadway musical where the main character is longing for closure or the evil character, defeated, realizes the repercussions of his deeds and repents. Both possibilities take the form of a sung soliloquy accompanied on piano and happen before the big finale. In Frank Zappa's Thing-Fish, the song is the Evil Prince's second showcase. He and his Broadway zombies were contaminated by his "galoot cologna." They show signs of Mammy Nun mutation and the Prince himself cannot resist to use Thing-Fish's exaggerated vernacular.

The song follows the tradition of Broadway piano ballads, with a Kurt Weill twist. It is pompous, cliché, and ludicrous considering the language used. That's why it works well. Of course, outside the context of the play it would lose its interest and therefore was not performed live.

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Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Thing-Fish 1984 Zappa Records 4:00
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