Black Sabbath

War Pigs

Composed by Bill Ward / Geezer Butler / Ozzy Osbourne / Tony Iommi

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When Black Sabbath started during the late '60s in Birmingham, England, the quartet (singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, and drummer Bill Ward) was a reaction against the thriving hippie movement. While the band was definitely "pro-peace," the sunny songs that the majority of rock bands were writing back then didn't really pertain to them -- they came from a bleak, industrial town, and they realized the hippies weren't preventing the senseless Vietnam War from raging elsewhere in the world -- hence, their gloomy lyrics and molten-heavy music reflected this. "War Pigs" (the leadoff song from their classic 1970 release, Paranoid) has become one of the band's most popular songs, serving as one of the best heavy metal songs of all-time. The lyrics dealt with rich, power-mad, and heartless politicians who continued to spread war and hatred (aka "War Pigs"), who finally get what they deserve, while several classic Iommi guitar riffs serve as the song's musical foundation. "War Pigs" remains one of Sabbath's most venomous compositions.

Appears On

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No Image 1972 Tendolar
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