The Everly Brothers

Turn Around

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One of the standout songs on the Beau Brummels' revolutionary Bradley's Barn album, the Everlys re-cut this fabulous ballad for their equally landmark Roots album. Containing one of songwriter Ron Elliot's strongest lyrics, it utilizes the metaphor of the depth of the ocean to illustrate a man who is drowning in his own circumstances as well as life and art -- not unlike Brian Wilson's "Till I Die." Musically, a stupendous, descending guitar riff guides the song, along with a simple yet very, very effective three-chord folk-based pattern. Easily one of the Everly Brothers' finest recordings of this (late '60s) period.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Roots 1968 Warner Bros. 2:47
Heartaches & Harmonies [Box Set] 1994 Rhino 2:49
Chained to a Memory 1966-1972 2006 Bear Family Records 2:53
Original Album Series (It's Everly Time/A Date With The Everly Brothers/Rock 'N' Soul/Two Yanks In England/Roots) 2010 Rhino / Warner Bros. / WB Records 2:47
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