The Byrds


Composed by David Crosby

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David Crosby’s major contribution to The Notourious Byrd Brothers, “Triad” was not included on the original album, although the song is clearly one of Crosby’s finest of the era. Indeed, it’s omission arguably sparked Crosby leaving the band, such was his emotional attachment to the song. Indeed, it’s a beautiful, intricate ballad and it would have fit perfectly on Crosby’s solo masterpiece, If I Could Only Remember My Name. It’s use of Indian scales and polyrhythms was advanced but “Triad” remains accessable, due mainly to Crosby’s warm, inviting vocal – it’s arguably the finest vocal performance of his career. “Triad” is one of The Byrds finest songs of the late 1960’s, and stands as one of David Crosby’s most beautiful compositions.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Notorious Byrd Brothers 1968 Sony Music Distribution
Ultimate Byrds 1998 Legacy / Columbia/Legacy 3:29
The Essential Byrds 2003 Columbia Records / Legacy Recordings / Sony Music / Sony Music Distribution 3:30
No Image 2006 BMG Special Products / Custom 3:30
There Is a Season 2006 Legacy / Columbia/Legacy / Sony BMG 3:31
Original Album Classics [2008] 2008 Columbia 3:31
The Complete Columbia Albums Collection 2011 Columbia / Legacy / Sony Music / Sony Music Entertainment 3:31
Original Album Classics 2013 Legacy 3:31
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