Creedence Clearwater Revival

Travelin' Band

Composed by John Fogerty

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It's not an original observation, but as the 1960s turned into the 1970s, there was no band more adept at updating the energy of 1950s rock'n'roll into a modern context than Creedence Clearwater Revival was. Of all their songs that owed strong debts to '50s rock'n'roll, and to Little Richard's vocal delivery, "Travelin' Band" was the best and most successful, reaching #2 (along with its B-side, the somewhat less popular "Who'll Stop the Rain") in 1970. The song starts with pile-driving immediacy, with the kind of descending guitar-sax riff so typical of many mid-1950s rock'n'roll songs, especially Little Richard's. Not to overdo the Little Richard comparisons, but they're pretty unavoidable when Fogerty starts his vocal, both in his incredibly enthusiastic gospel-informed delivery and in the resemblance of the melody to vintage Richard rockers like "Good Golly Miss Molly." These similarities did not escape listeners and critics even at the time. But this wasn't just a Little Richard imitation. For one thing, the lyrics would have probably been a little beyond Little Richard, with their almost hyperventilated narrative of a musician on the road. The brief instrumental solos pour on power without wasting a note, first in a guitar-sax break with an almost one-note guitar pattern of screaming intensity, then in a burst of hard rock guitar with slide flourishes. Speaking of screaming, Fogerty's screams throughout the song are things of marvel and beauty, rivaling those of James Brown, Little Richard, and Paul McCartney for infectious enthusiasm. "Travelin' Band" may be derivative, but compresses a pretty amazing amount of energy into two minutes and ten seconds. Elton John, incidentally, covered this song as the singer on an anonymous budget record devoted to versions of contemporary hits that closely copied the original arrangements. You can hear it on the compilation of 20 songs featuring John in this capacity, Chartbusters Go Pop! 20 Legendary Covers Sung By Elton John (which also has his cover of Creedence's "Up Around the Bend").

Appears On

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