The Beach Boys

This Whole World

Composed by Brian Wilson

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By 1969, Brian Wilson was already gaining the reputation as a notorious and eccentric rock & roll recluse. However, the Sunflower sessions seemed to reawaken something brilliant in his dark, troubled soul, and "This Whole World" is a prime example of this. In less that two minutes, Brian reestablished his reputation as one of the most brilliant melody writers and arrangers. With a buoyant melody and an effervescent, classy vocal arrangement, Brian wipes away three years of artistic cobwebs. Lyrically, the song is a life-affirming message of love and unity, not unlike his 1988 "Love and Mercy." In addition to the quality of the song and arrangement by Brian, the lead vocal was handed over to Carl Wilson, who turns in one of his most definitive performances. Brian later did a fine, slightly simplified remake of the song on his excellent I Just Wasn't Made for These Times soundtrack.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Sunflower 1970 Capitol
No Image 1970
Various Artists
Warner Bros.
Ten Years of Harmony 1981 Caribou Records
Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys 1993 Capitol/EMI Records / Capitol 1:57
Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: Best of the Brother Years 2000 Capitol/EMI Records / Capitol 1:57
Sunflower/Surf's Up 2000 Capitol/EMI Records / Capitol 1:58
Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 2000 EMI Music Distribution
Classics: Selected by Brian Wilson 2002 Capitol/EMI Records / Capitol 1:57
California Feelin': Best of the Beach Boys 2002 Japanese Import 1:58
I Can Hear Music 2002 Capitol 1:58
Fifty Big Ones: Greatest Hits 2012 Capitol / EMI 1:57
Made in California 2013 Capitol 1:59
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