The Beach Boys

The Little Girl I Once Knew

Composed by Brian Wilson

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One of the most important Brian Wilson/Beach Boys obscurities, "The Little Girl I Once Knew" is a virtual link between the slightly progressive work on songs such as "California Girls" and the then-quantum leap taken by Wilson on Pet Sounds and "Good Vibrations." One of Brian Wilson's first efforts at composing a song that is strung together from "feels" or very brief musical movements. The opening hook is a veritable appetizer to Pet Sounds in its circular riff that intertwines guitars and keyboards. The main melody is propelled by a pseudo-rockabilly riff that Wilson would soon use to even greater effect on "Good Vibrations." Lyrically, it's a simple teenage pop song that, frankly, is somewhat trivial, yet its vulnerability and charm certainly shine through. Unfortunately, the song's eccentric stop-start melodic sections (including several sections of complete silence) was a bit too much for radio programmers. Nevertheless, the song actually made it into the Top 20 in late 1965. The durability of the song is illustrated best by the fact that Brian Wilson opened his 1999 solo concerts with it.

Appears On

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