The Captain of Her Heart

Composed by Felix Haug / Kurt Maloo

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One of the great lost one hit wonders of the mid-'80s, Double's "The Captain of Her Heart" is one of those songs that stands outside of its time period; this could conceivably have been a hit at any point from the early '70s onwards. The key is the watery piano riff that drives the song, sounding like a cross between Floyd Cramer and early Elton John, along with Kurt Maloo's detached, diffident vocals, which manage to out cool Bryan Ferry at his own game, and one of the best alto sax solos this side of Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street." The Swiss duo (their name is pronounced doo-BLAY, incidentally) never managed to capitalize on this song's casual sophistication and melodic grace, but it remains a glorious anomaly.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Blue 1985 Polydor 4:34
Romantic Hits of the 80's 1990
Various Artists
K-Tel Distribution 4:35
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Various Artists
KKS 4:32
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The Greatest Love [Telstar]
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