Terror Couple Kill Colonel

Composed by Daniel Ash / David J / Kevin Haskins / Peter Murphy

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Based on an actual case of domestic German terrorism involving a British NATO officer - the title comes from a headline Peter Murphy encountered, though the scenario about possible paths in life was his own invention - "Terror Couple Kill Colonel" isn't as completely charged as such early highlights as "Spy in the Cab" or "Dark Entries." It's still a kick of a little song, though, a chance for the band to demonstrate its ability at focused, stripped-down work creating and maintaining a strong overall mood. Kevin Haskins' inventive, decidedly non-4/4 drumming and David J's deep, supple bass work is offset musically by a wiry, minimal riff from Daniel Ash, who sometimes adds a bare note or two that sounds like a huge chime. Peter Murphy's singing in comparison to other performances is much more calm here - those annoyed with his ghost-of-Bowie singing style won't find much to change their minds, but the relatively subtlety here makes a good case for Murphy not being a one-note impersonator.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
In the Flat Field 1980 4AD 4:21
Mask 1981 Beggars Banquet 3:42
Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape 1982 Atlantic 3:41
1979-1983, Vol. 1 1986 Beggars Banquet
Swing the Heartache: The BBC Sessions 1989 Beggars Banquet 3:37
Rest in Peace: The Final Concert 1992 Alex 3:45
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Gotham 1999
The Other Side: Paris Black Strobe [DVD/CD] 2005
Various Artists
Timeout Records 4:20
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5 Albums 2013 Beggars Banquet
No Image RCA
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