Chaka Khan

Tell Me Something Good

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Rufus' signature song, "Tell Me Something Good" is also notable as the all-time wah-wah mother. There are at times up to four different wah-wah guitar lines playing at once in the verses of this song, not to mention the Peter Frampton-like wah-wah vocal effect that decorates the choruses. The song is almost painfully slow, which only adds to its sheer funkiness, and most importantly, this is probably Chaka Khan's best vocal performance. A singer who sometimes has a tendency to overemote, Kahn is soulful as all get out here, but the stately tempo doesn't allow her the room to go overboard. The result is one of the most unique and intense funk singles of the '70s. After its extended run as a disco-funk dancefloor filler, "Tell Me Something Good" has entered a productive second live as a popular song for TV commercials for the likes of Burger King and sitcoms like Will and Grace, which used the song very effectively as a running gag in a 2002 episode.

Appears On

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