Van Morrison

T.B. Sheets

Composed by Van Morrison

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A true landmark composition and Van Morrison classic, "T.B. Sheets" is more well-known for the version that he cut on the visionary and poetic album Blowin' Your Mind!. However, this early take from 1967 cut for The Bang Masters is required listening for any fan of the singer/songwriter. Over a lowdown, bluesy groove and one-chord "pattern," Morrison communicates with his muse on this first-person narrative of himself visiting a girlfriend who is suffering from T.B. The suffocation of the airless room, the foreboding atmosphere are all conveyed with a gritty, almost Jack Keroac-inspired spin. The listener is placed in the room. Although somewhat disturbing, it certainly defines the term realism with one bold, masterful stroke.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Blowin' Your Mind! 1967 Epic / Sony Music Distribution 9:47
T.B. Sheets 1974 Friday Music 9:34
Bang Masters 1991 Legacy Rock Artifacts Series / Sbme Special Mkts. 9:38
No Image 1991
Original Soundtrack
Nouveau 9:34
Payin' Dues 1994 Prism Leisure Corporation (UK) / Prism Platinum 9:36
Brown Eyed Girl [Audiophile Legends] 1996 Audiophile Legends 6:07
No Image 1997 Eagle Records
Brown Eyed Beginnings 1998 M.I.L. Multimedia 9:36
Brown Eyed Girl [Digimode] 1998 Digimode Entertainment 9:34
Masters 1999 Eagle Rock 9:37
Bringing Out the Dead 1999
Original Soundtrack
Sony Music Distribution 9:37
The Bang Records Sessions: Midnight Special 1999 The Store for Music 9:37
No Image 1999 Digimode Entertainment 9:34
In Session 2000 Dressed To Kill 9:34
Brown Eyed Girl [DJ Specialist] 2000 DJ Specialist 9:37
The Early Years: 1967-1968 2000 Metro / Metro 9:36
The 1967 New York Sessions 2000 Recall (UK) 9:36
The Great Van Morrison [Red X] 2001 Red X 9:38
The  Essential Van Morrison [Purple Pyramid] 2001 Purple Pyramid/Cleopatra / Cleopatra 9:37
The Legends Collection: The Van Morrison Collection 2001 Dressed To Kill / Legends Collection 9:37
Brown Eyed Girl [Sony] 2001 Sony Music Distribution 9:47
The Best of British Blues, Vol. 1 [Varese] 2001
Various Artists
Immediate / Varese 9:36
Spanish Rose [Neon] 2001 Neon Records 9:34
Van Morrison Collection, Vol. 1 2001 Dressed To Kill 9:37
The Complete Bang Sessions 2002 Cleopatra
Before the Fame 2003 Alchemy Records 9:38
Brown Eyed Girl [Sweden Import] 2003 Import
No Image 2004 Intermusic 9:38
Big Box of British Blues 2004
Various Artists
Fuel 2000 9:36
Midnight Special [Pazzazz] 2004 Pazzazz
Madame George 2004 Pazzazz 9:36
Van Morrison [Dynamic] 2005 Dynamic
Collections 2006 Commercial Canada 9:36
Van Morrison [Import] 2006 Disky
Music from Scorseses Movies 2007
Various Artists
Golden Stars 9:37
When Blues Met Rock: The Electric Sound From the '50s to the '80s 2008
Various Artists
Hear Music 9:47
Playlist: The Very Best of Van Morrison: The Bang Years 2009 Sony BMG
The Bang Sessions 2009 Cleopatra
Brown Eyed Girl: The Collection [Camden] 2011 Camden 9:37
The  Ultimate Hits: The Best 2012 Blueline / IMV / IMV Blueline / Laser Media 9:36
The Complete New York Sessions '67 2013 Vinyl Lovers
The 60s 2014 BMG / Sony Music Entertainment 9:46
No Image Intermusic 9:37
No Image
Various Artists
X5 9:36
Midnight Special [Rajon] Rajon Entertainment Pty Ltd. 9:36
New York Sessions '67 [New Millennium] New Millennium 9:36
Not Fade Away [Music From the Motion Picture]
Original Soundtrack
ABKCO Records 9:48
No Image Intermusic 9:38
No Image
Various Artists
X5 9:37
No Image Intermusic 9:38
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