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Gordon Lightfoot's breakout record, "Sundown," took him from being a Canadian folk cult hero and songwriter (his "Early Morning Rain" had been cut by several artists in the mid-'60s, including Judy Collins) to being a successful pop artist. The song itself is a dark and colorful narrative and character portrait of a woman who is undoubtedly a prostitute and the complications that the singer has when he realizes that he might be falling in love with her. The blues-laden melody is surrounded by a swampy arrangement that oozes a sensual undertone and this indeed works perfectly with the lyrics. The electric guitar solo is, in fact, heavily influenced by John Fogerty's Delta-soaked style, particularly "Born on the Bayou," and the musical reference here is probably not coincidental. These touches were most likely the brainchild of producer Lenny Waronker, who once again shows why he was one of the finest at his craft during this period. Atop everything, Lightfoot's rugged tenor holds everything together with a strong individuality (it would be a difficult record to cover successfully), making this not only one of the better records of the early '70s, but a true pop/rock standard.

Appears On

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