Suicide Blonde

Composed by Andrew Farriss / Michael Hutchence

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The return of INXS to the fray of international stardom wasn't quite as striking and attention-grabbing a lead single as "Need You Tonight" was for Kick, but "Suicide Blonde" still showed the band in good creative health, the more so because newer elements were being effortlessly incorporated by the band. On the one hand, Jon Farriss' pulsing drums almost (perhaps accidentally) suggest the beats of acid house sweeping the band's overseas stronghold in the U.K., while, on the other hand, Andrew Farriss introduced the compelling blues harp riff to the track via sampling rather than live performance. It was a great calling card for the song, while the compressed, stinging funk guitar hook at the center made another perfect jumping-off point for a sharp, fiery Michael Hutchence vocal. More than once he's almost testifying gospel-style, and why not? Kirk Pengilly's sudden sax parts and extra semi-Morricone moodiness on guitar provide the icing on the cake for the track as a whole, while the use of creative sudden stops and starts once again works for the group.

Appears On

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Virgin EMI
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Various Artists
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