Buster Benton

Spider in My Stew

Composed by Willie Dixon

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Spider in My Stew 1978 Ronn Records 3:25
No Image 1979 Red Lightnin' (UK)
The Jewel/Paula Records Story: Blues, Rhythm & Blues and Soul Recordings 1993
Various Artists
Warner Bros. 3:32
Jewel Spotlights the Blues, Vol. 2 1994
Various Artists
Jewel / Jewel 3:40
No Image 1997 Ronn Records
American Blues, Vol. 2 2001
Various Artists
Varese 3:32
Big Blues Box 2002
Various Artists
Varese 3:32
Chicago Blues Masters [Varese] 2003
Various Artists
Varèse Sarabande / Fuel 2000 3:29
Ain't Times Hard: Political and Social Comment In The Blues 2008
Various Artists
Charly Digipak (UK) / Charly Records
The Very Best of Buster Benton 2012 Airline Records 3:32
blue highlight denotes editor's pick