Iggy Pop

Some Weird Sin

Composed by David Bowie / Iggy Pop

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With its locomotive percussion and guitarists Ricky Gardiner and Carlos Alomar positively dueling their way through the riff, "Some Weird Sin" arose midway through side one of Iggy Pop's Lust for Life album to prove that whatever rocking tendencies he may or may not have shed since the days of the Stooges were alive and well after all. An apparently autobiographical lyric -- at least so far as Iggy's public persona is concerned -- adds to the edginess: "I stand at the world's edge, trying to break in...when things get too straight, I can't bear it."

In many ways, "Some Weird Sin" is the most conventional rock song on the album -- certainly it pales when placed alongside the inventive fission of "The Passenger," "Fall in Love With Me," "Sixteen," and most dramatic of all, "Turn Blue." That, however, is its strength. When Lust for Life was released in fall 1977, at the height of punk, an entire generation was looking to Pop for guidance. Those other songs indicated some of the directions that were possible. "Some Weird Sin," with its straightforward riffs and lost-boy lyric, showed what was actually required.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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