Slide Away

Composed by Noel Gallagher

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Never released as a single, "Slide Away" for many fans of the band is the group's all-time classic, once described by Noel Gallagher himself as trying to combine the Smiths' "Reel Around the Fountain" with Neil Young-style guitar heroics. On that level it perfectly succeeds but is in many ways much more than that. "Wonderwall" is the group's most famous love song, but "Slide Away" is actually much more intense, both brasher and more melancholic. Written in part due to a relationship that was collapsing, Gallagher's lyrics call up images of wistful daydreaming of another, us-against-the-world, and the title sentiment itself, "let me be the one who shines with you/and we can slide away." Brother Liam does the vocals with considerable skill, his ability to hit just the right emotional chord when needed doing the trick once again. As for Noel, his soloing may be similar to his other glam-via-Young efforts, but with the right heft over the steady, relentless drive of the song. Like "Live Forever," the conclusion of the song nails it all home. Liam sings the title phrase while Noel from deep within the mix repeats again and again, with all the wounded bravura it deserves, "Don't know, don't care/All I know is you can take me there!" as even more electric guitar hurt crushes all around.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Definitely Maybe 1994 Big Brother
No Image 1995 Creation
Live by the Sea 1995 Big Brother
Supersonic [Bootleg] 1995 Pitch Fork
Unplugged, Vol. 2 1996 Forbidden Fruit 5:35
No Image 2000 Hurricane Records 6:08
Definitely Maybe: The DVD 2004 Big Brother
Best Bands 2005 2005
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution 6:27
Stop the Clocks 2006 Big Brother 6:14
Time Flies... 1994-2009 2010 Big Brother / Sony Legacy 6:02
Really Free
Various Artists
Our Price 6:33
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