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Composed by Ray Davies

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Though not a hit single, the title song from the Kinks' 1977 album, Sleepwalker, a loosely themed album about insomnia, was a massive success for the band and helped turn them into a concert-arena attraction. Upon moving from London to New York in the mid-'70s, Kinks leader Ray Davies immediately took to the city's 'round-the-clock lifestyle, as he was a suffering insomniac. "Sleepwalker" sings to "night-stalkers, street-walkers, night-hawkers," and other creatures of the night, even vampires. Like the earliest of Kinks hits -- like "You Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of the Night" -- the song relies on a catchy, heavy guitar riff slammed out by Dave Davies. His evocative playing style echoes the action as it mimes the sound of a stalker a beat or two behind the vocal melody and again during his lead, which creeps along until it builds into frenzied outbursts and a twin layered lead for the outro. There's a breakdown in which Ray raps with a Dylanesque cadence ("I walk around on my tippy toes/And I get into place that nobody knows") and a chorus of call-and-response "oh yea"s. It's the kitchen sink of rock & roll songs. With all the earmarks of a classic, it's amazing "Sleepwalker" didn't chart Top 40; however, it was an FM-radio staple.

Appears On

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