Bay City Rollers


Composed by Phil Coulter / William Martin

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A masterpiece of bubblegum fluff which made its insidious way into every teenaged head that heard it, Bill Martin and Phil Coulter's "Shang-A-Lang" is the Bay City Rollers' masterpiece. They may have made more successful records, and they certainly made better ones. But in regard to laying out the terms and conditions of what would soon become known as Rollermania, "Shang-A-Lang" is peerless. It soared to number two in the U.K. in April 1974 and single-handedly confirmed the Rollers' grip on the hearts of teenybop Britain. Cassidy, the Osmonds, both were pushed aside by the giant tartan juggernaut and, even today, it's hard to hear the song without remembering precisely how menacing that juggernaut looked. The world was drowning beneath a sea of plaid and what were its dying words? "We sang shang-a-lang as we ran with the gang, going doo-wop shee-doobee-doo-ay." They really don't write them like that anymore.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Rollin' 1974 BMG 3:07
No Image 1983 Teichiku Records 4:09
Starke Zeiten 1988 Ariola
No Image 1994 BMG
Blockbuster: 18 Smashes of the 70's 1994
Various Artists
MCI 3:06
World Of-Bye Bye Baby 1995 St. Clair / Prime Cuts 3:38
Absolute Rollers: The Very Best of the Bay City Rollers 1995 BMG International 3:05
The Best Scottish Album in the World...Ever! 1997
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution 3:03
Seventies Collection 1998
Various Artists
Crimson Productions 3:04
The Definitive Collection 2000 BMG / BMG / Sony Music / Sony Music Entertainment
The Filth and the Fury [Virgin] 2000
Original Soundtrack
Virgin 3:03
Perform Their Greatest Hits 2001 Legacy 3:37
Bye Bye Baby: The Very Best of the Bay City Rollers 2001 Hallmark Recordings 3:31
20 Number 2's of the 70's 2001
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution 3:04
Blast from the Past: Bay City Rollers 2001 Direct Source 3:38
Saturday Night [BMG Special Products] 2001 BMG Special Products 3:05
Bye Bye Baby [Hallmark] 2002 Hallmark Recordings 3:31
Super 70's [Virgin Television] 2003
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Virgin 3:04
Best 22 2004 Tombstone
The Only Bay City Rollers Album You'll Ever Need 2004 Sony BMG 3:03
Glam Greats: 20 Seventies Stompers 2005
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Crimson Productions 3:05
I Love Music 1970-1974: Teenage Rampage 2005
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Disky 3:06
Bye Bye Baby [DFP] 2006 Dfp
Cut & Run 2007 Pegasus (Pinnacle) 3:35
Give a Little Love: The Best of the Bay City Rollers 2007 Music Club Deluxe 3:04
Rock 'n' Rollers: The Best of the Bay City Rollers 2009 Sony Music
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100 Hits / Demon Records / Edsel
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1974: A Time To Remember The Classic Years
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Tabak 3:05
No Image
Various Artists
Time Music
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Tring 3:38
Simply Seventies
Various Artists
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