Rubber Band Man

Composed by C. Harris

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Any particular element of T.I.'s "Rubber Band Man" is likely to either annoy you to no limit or keep you listening repeatedly. A neck-winding beat, a hockey-arena organ vamp, a na-na-na-ing crew of female background vocalists, and one of the stickiest choruses of early 2004 -- put these pieces together and you have one super-catchy (or super-annoying) track. Produced by David Banner, it built on the success of T.I.'s prior single, "24's," which also contained a battle cry of sorts for its chorus. Here, the MC proclaims to be "wild as the Taliban." That, you know, could possibly be hyperbole. He also throws around "Trouble Man" as a nickname -- a more fitting label that took on a whole new meaning when a three-year prison term (for probation violation) was handed down to him, just as "Rubber Band Man" was hitting peak popularity.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Trap Muzik 2003 Atlantic 5:48
Rubber Band Man 2004 Atlantic
Totally Hits 2004 2004
Various Artists
BMG / BMG/Warner 4:38
Hip-Hop Hits, Vol. 9 2004
Various Artists
Image Entertainment / The Source Entertainment 4:35
Instrumental Icons: Street's Favorites 2005
Various Artists
Fast Life Music, Inc. 4:05
Crunk Hits 2005
Various Artists
TVT 4:33
Whatever You Like 2008 Grand Hustle/Atlantic 4:35
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