Steve Forbert

Romeo's Tune

Composed by Steve Forbert

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Although Steve Forbert fell victim to the same "New Dylan" hype that scuttled the commercial prospects of both Elliott Murphy and Loudon Wainwright III, his one hit single, 1980's glorious "Romeo's Tune," is a delightful piece of late-'70s soft rock that sounds more like a slightly folkier Fleetwood Mac. Based on a lovely rolling piano riff that brings to mind some of Steve Nieve's more lyrical work with Elvis Costello and the Attractions (think "Oliver's Army"), with Forbert's own guitar pushed well back in the mix but his intimate, slightly hoarse vocals front and center, "Romeo's Tune" is slightly too jittery to be truly mellow, but it's a much more melodic and poppier song than anything to be found in either New York's downtown new wave scene or the soulful rock of Bruce Springsteen and his growing legions of imitators, the two camps that Steve Forbert was uneasily bridging at this point in his career. Unfortunately, it's also by far Forbert's most memorable song, making his one hit wonder status unfortunate, but not undeserved.

Appears On

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On Stage at World Cafe Live 2007 In-Akustik / Wienerworld
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Original Soundtrack
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The Old Grey Whistle Test: Country
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