Rock and Roll All Nite

Composed by Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley

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The members of Kiss were under intense pressure to put together their third album, 1975's Dressed to Kill. They were abruptly called off tour to work on a follow-up to 1974's Hotter Than Hell when the album began to die on the charts -- even though they had no new songs ready. The sessions were being produced by the head of their label (Casablanca), Neil Bogart, who was upset that the band had yet to successfully capture the excitement of their live act on record, and wanted to correct the problem himself. (The band was being so rushed to come up with material that they would have to dip into their backlog of older songs, as well as write new ones during the day, quickly show the others, and record them immediately after.) Bogart suggested that the band's head songwriters, singer/guitarist Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons, come up with an anthem that would serve as a rallying cry for Kiss and their fans -- suggesting something akin to Sly & the Family Stone's "I Want to Take You Higher." While writing back at the hotel, Stanley came up with the line "I want to rock and roll all night, and party every day." After showing the new line to Simmons, he added parts from an older song, reportedly titled "Drive Me Wild." While it had a great singalong chorus, when the song was issued a single a few months later, it didn't exactly storm up the charts. With Casablanca in deep financial trouble, Kiss was thinking of leaving for another label, but on the insistence of the others, decided to issue a live album later in 1975 -- Alive! The excitement and energy of Kiss' show was captured perfectly by rock vet producer Eddie Kramer, and the song that benefited perhaps the most from the live setting was "Rock & Roll All Night." The version was a bit longer than the studio take (including an Ace Frehley guitar solo that was absent from the original), but as Bogart hoped, it became an instant rallying cry/hard rock classic, becoming a number 12 hit and pushing the album it was taken from straight up the charts. Since 1975, there hasn't been a single Kiss concert that did not feature "Rock & Roll All Night" as an encore, and it is the band's most instantly identifiable song.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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Dressed to Kill 1975 Universal
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No Image 1975
Various Artists
K-Tel Distribution
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Original Soundtrack
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Classic Rock [Mood]
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Classic Rock [Rhino]
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No Image Phantom
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Hockey Anthems: 1st Period-The Legends
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More Beer Drinking Classics
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Rock 'N Roll All Nite
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No Image
Original Soundtrack
Lakeshore Records 2:48
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