Simple Minds

Promised You a Miracle

Composed by Charlie Burchill / Derek Forbes / Jim Kerr / Mick MacNeil

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When Simple Minds booked themselves ten days of studio time in January, 1982, they intended only on rehearsing, working out new riffs, and fermenting some new musical ideas. Recording was far from their thoughts, but regardless, they emerged with this hit single.

The band bounced "Promised You a Miracle" around the studio for an hour, then moved on to other things. But, by that evening, the members were unable to get the number out of their head, that funky bass line, that bright melody, that splashy keyboard hook in the chorus. There was nothing for it but to go back and record the damn thing.

And so they did. The band's new producer, Peter Walsh, would oversee the final touches on the song, bringing a crispness and cleanness to the band's sound, and giving them a previously unheard brash pop edge. Kenny Hyslop's big beats fired up the dancefloors, Jim Kerr's romantic lyrics the passion in lovers' hearts, while keyboardist Mick MacNeil's hook dragged any strays straight into their net. Released as a single in April 1982, the song promised and delivered, giving Simple Minds their first smash hit, as the 45 sailed into the UK Top 15.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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Once Upon a Time 1985 Virgin 4:38
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No Image
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