Tina Turner

Private Dancer

Composed by Mark Knopfler

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Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler originally wrote "Private Dancer" around the time of his band's Love Over Gold album, and the seven-plus-minute song would have been an excellent addition to that album's worth of long, slowly unfolding songs, adding a dash of the pop sense of Making Movies and hopefully relegating the jokey "Industrial Disease" to a B-side. However, Knopfler decided at the last minute that he didn't feel comfortable singing a song from a female perspective -- much less in the character of a prostitute -- and bequeathed the song to Tina Turner, who made it the title track and climax of her 1984 comeback album. (Ironically, although the rest of Dire Straits is the backing band on this track, Knopfler doesn't appear at all; that's Jeff Beck performing a solo in Knopfler's familiar, restrained style.) Given room to build tension throughout the extended song, Turner starts quietly, almost conversational, climaxing with a masterful performance on the bridge at the song's heart, until she shrieks the line "Tell me, do you want to see me do the shimmy again?" with just as much visceral force as she had managed on "River Deep Mountain High" nearly two decades before. Although mono-named producer Carter (the Motels, etc.) lacks the elegant grace that Knopfler's own production would have brought to the recording, he does a serviceable job of mimicking the Dire Straits sound.

Appears On

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