Depeche Mode

Personal Jesus

Composed by Martin Gore

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One of the Depeche songs that seemingly everyone knows -- in large part thanks to blanket MTV coverage and record sales in late 1989 and early 1990 -- "Personal Jesus" saw Depeche tackling the ridiculous canard that "bands without guitars don't make real music" with vicious gusto. That Depeche had always used guitars in one form or another -- or that guitars or lack thereof don't determine quality -- had been ignored by said doubters, who had to swallow their words as the group's knowing revamp of an old blues lick became a smash hit. Starting with a soft two-note guitar chime, a massive overdubbed vocal echoes up -- "Reach out, touch faith!" -- and the song is off, its distinct, big but shuffling rhythm created from samples of the band stomping on travel cabinets. Compared to the busy arrangements of recent songs like "Strangelove" and "Never Let Me Down," "Personal Jesus" is a touch more spare, its extras more suggested in the mix than overtly calling attention to themselves, like the simple bass stabs or the brief orchestral swirls on the chorus. Otherwise, it's all beat, Martin Gore's not-a-note-wasted guitar twangs and slides and David Gahan's seductive delivery of a lyric inspired by Priscilla Presley's relationship with Elvis.

Appears On

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