Bruce Springsteen

One Step Up

Composed by Bruce Springsteen

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Of all the songs on Tunnel of Love, one of the most understated and emotional is "One Step Up." With the barest of arrangement, this is Springsteen at his most revealing and subtle. The song is filled with wonderful lyrics; lines such as "When I look at myself I don't see/The man I wanted to be" and "There's a girl across the bar/I get the message she's sending/Mmm, she ain't looking too married/Me? Honey, I'm pretending" are some of Springsteen's finest. The song is hugely personal. Springsteen himself was going through a traumatic break-up when writing songs for the album, and he is very poetic and eloquent, rather in the manner of Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. Springsteen himself has rarely performed the song in concert, and there have been no notable cover versions of the song.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Tunnel of Love 1987 BMG / Columbia / Sony Music Entertainment 4:22
No Image 1987 Columbia
No Image 1988 Columbia
The Complete Video Anthology 1978-2000 2001 Col
Nebraska/Tunnel of Love/The Ghost of Tom Joad 2002 Sony Music Distribution
The Essential Bruce Springsteen 2003 Legacy / Sony Music 4:22
The Collection [#2] 2004 Sony Music Distribution 4:21
Play Some Pool, Skip Some School, Act Real Cool: A Global Pop Tribute to Bruce Springsteen 2009
Various Artists
Where It's At Is Where You Are / Where It's at Is 6:43
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