Never Tear Us Apart

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The quartet of amazing singles from Kick wrapped up with "Never Tear Us Apart" -- after setting the pop world on fire with one energetic smash after enough, the sextet released the album's one full-on ballad, a brilliant touch. Even better was the fact that said ballad was so wonderful (compare it to, say, Michael Bolton's towers of glop from the same time and he's so outclassed it isn't even funny). Synth strings start and lead the song throughout, but the band gets in its own tear-jerking, dramatic edge, with Jon Farriss' drums, the sweetly swaying backing vocals, and another brief-but-spot-on Kirk Pengilly sax break adding the right elements. Like "New Sensation," "Never Tear Us Apart" makes great use of sudden, dramatic pauses, but it really all comes down to Michael Hutchence's delivery on this one. Strong, direct, and unaffected, it never loses the commanding performance edge Hutchence had long since developed, and the end result just sparkles, a love song from someone who knew how to make one that didn't sound insufferably overwrought or boring.

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