Steel Pulse

Born fe Rebel

Composed by David Hinds

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Steel Pulse was "Born fe Rebel," and since their earliest days had been fueling the revolution with their militant lyrics and jubilant music. Three decades on and the group continues to battle, still "radical to the bone," fighting to burn down Babylon and rebuild a better world in its place. At no point, however, have Steel Pulse fought alone; behind them stands a long line of revolutionaries stretching back to a young David girding for battle armed only with a slingshot. And so, on this exhilarating song, Steel Pulse and their guest DJ, the equally rebellious Junie Ranks, pay tribute to those who stood up and struggled against all odds. Jamaican and African freedom fighters, Native-American warriors, Rastafarian icons, Fidel Castro, and the Carthaginian general Hannibal are all name- checked within, a large roster of the rebels who, like David Hinds and company, were all "born fe fight." The band delivers the revolutionary message steppers style, the singers trodding lightly amidst the tattoo of beats, the riffs, and the sharp small-arms fire of the brass, while Adam Drake's lead guitar fires napalm across the battlefield and the atmosphere thickens around Colin Cooper's evocative harmonica. Roots at its most militant, this cultural masterpiece was featured on the band's African Holocaust album.

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Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
African Holocaust 2004 RAS Records / Ras/Sanctuary / Sanctuary 4:40
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