Ozzy Osbourne

Mr. Crowley

Composed by Bob Daisley / Ozzy Osbourne / Randy Rhoads

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Independent of the song’s rather remarkable subject matter, it’s often overlooked that ”Mr. Crowley” is among heavy metal’s most melodic offerings, and a primary example of Ozzy Osbourne’s first-rate musical sensibilities. Gradually building in force and intensity, Osbourne’s vocals and their instrumental backing form a plaintive crescendo that draws the listener into the primary motif. The lyrics are often incorrectly assumed to be a glorification of notorious dark-side occultist Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Instead, with lines like “Your life style to me seemed so tragic” there is more implied disapproval, at least with Crowley’s results if not also with his methodology. The viewpoint ultimately seems to be one of fascination that has turned into disappointment. Initially released in 1980 on Osbourne’s first solo album, Blizzard of Ozz, ”Mr. Crowley”’s subject matter kept it from the air-play necessary for a song in that era to become a hit single. Nonetheless, ”Mr. Crowley” has proved enduringly popular, and has managed to become one of the few heavy-metal songs that is well-known outside of its genre.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Blizzard of Ozz 1980 Epic / Legacy 5:00
Diary of a Madman 1981 Epic / Legacy / Sony Music 6:32
No Image 1984 Jet Records
No Image 1986 20th Century Fox
Tribute 1987 BMG / Sony Music
Live & Loud [Video] 1992 Sony Music Distribution 6:21
Live & Loud 1993 Epic 6:23
The Ozzman Cometh: Greatest Hits 2002 Epic / Sony Music Distribution 4:56
Live at Budokan [Video] 2002 Epic / Legacy 6:44
The Essential Ozzy Osbourne 2003 Sbme Special Mkts. 4:55
Prince of Darkness 2005 Sony Music Distribution
Best of Ozz 2007 Sony Music Distribution 4:59
Ozzy Live 2012 Sony Legacy / Sony Music 6:32
Memoirs of a Madman 2014 Epic / Legacy / Sony Legacy / Sony Music Entertainment 4:56
Blizzard of Ozz/Diary of Madman 30th Anniversary Sony Music / Sony Music Entertainment 5:00
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