Little Richard


Composed by Al Collins / Little Richard

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Arguably "Lucille" is the first song from the 1950s to employ what is now recognized as the standard 4/4 rock & roll beat. Though there may be some arcane example that predates it, the popularity changed the beat of rock & roll forever, eventually moving the swing beat and rockabilly two beat that had been mainstays of the early music off the playing field for good. The riff, a staccato reading of the old blues riff employed on tunes like "Rock Me Baby," also entered the main language of rock & roll, becoming the spawning ground for the many guitar riff-oriented tunes in the late '60s that, in turn, gave rise to heavy metal. The tune is also open to a variety of interpretations; certainly Little Richard's taut original is an excellent blueprint, but the Everly Brothers turned in a fine cover in the early '60s on Warner Bros., their exquisite harmonies providing a totally different slant to this rock & roll classic.

Appears On

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No Image 1959 Specialty Records
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Original Soundtrack
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The Beatles: Day by Day -- The Originals
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