Lesley Gore

Judy's Turn to Cry

Composed by Beverly "Ruby" Ross / Edna Lewis

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A sequel that can stand on its own! Quincy Jones production of Lesley Gore's excellent

follow-up to her first and only #1 hit, "It's My Party", was one of the four biggest of her 11 songs to cruise up the Top 40. Beverly Ross and Edna Lewis picked up where "It's My Party" songwriters Herb Wiener, Wally Gold and John Gluck, Jr. creatively left off, and they show real intuition here, building a monstrous hook as valuable as "It's My Party" with violence that may have been inspired by The Crystals pushing the envelope with their withdrawn classic "He Hit Me and It Felt Like A Kiss". Here Johnny displays some fisticuffs, somehow chivalrous in the early 1960's, forty years later politically incorrect enough to run up his legal bill: "So I kissed some other guy/Johnny jumped up and he hit him". Come April of 1964 she'd sing "when he treats me rough and he acts as tho' he doesn't really care" in "That's The Way Boys Are" - do we see a pattern here? All of this youthful infatuation comes with sixties drums and horns accentuating Leslie as she "felt like making a scene" and carries on through one of the great mis-heard lyric lines "Then my tears just fell like rain drops." The punch line, though, came in loud and clear - she was crying because "Judy's smile was so mean." Horrors!

At two minutes and twelve seconds "Judy's Turn To Cry" is seven seconds shorter than the 2:19 of "It's My Party", Mercury single #72143 has the same hot radio sound that made the first hit so special, and it followed right on the heels of the May 1963 #1 dominance of "It's My Party" with its mid-summer Top 5 status, both songs so different and so short that they could be played back to back on the radio in good soap opera style. Each tune opens up with its respective hook, a great way to set them apart from each other. Though the choruses are totally unique the verses could blend so easily together, seamlessly letting Lesley Gore narrate, a style the Shangri-Las turned into a chic underground career move by the time Gore was unleashing her third hit, "She's A Fool". It's a shame Bryan Ferry never connected the two songs in his sublime 1970's cover of "It's My Party" on his debut solo album, "Judy's Turn To Cry" would have won Roxy Music's lead singer the approval of Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller who was chagrined by Ferry's rendition of "Sympathy For The Devil" on that lp. But that's the difference between serious music and camp, and "Judy's Turn To Cry", like the hit that spawned it, proved to be both - a sterling piece of production work by Quincy Jones delivered with authority by a young lady

who had just turned 17 when this song rocketed up the charts.

Appears On

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