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Jesus Christ

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If it wasn’t for the Library of Congress and small record labels like Folkways, it’s doubtful that Woody Guthrie’s “Jesus Christ” would’ve ever been recorded. Guthrie’s portrait of Jesus paints the Christian prophet as a militant Marxist, commanding the rich to sell their goods and give to the poor. He carries his political statement one step further, however, by noting that if Christ preached the same message today, he’d be crucified once again (presumably by many people who profess the Christian message). Guthrie wrote of the song: “…If He [Jesus] was to walk into New York City and preach like he use to. … they’d lock Him up back in Jail as sure as you’re reading this.” The lyrics are hard hitting and graphic, with lines blaming cops, bankers, soldiers, landlords, and preachers as being the ones who “nailed Him in the sky.” Guthrie first recorded the song for Alan Lomax at the Library of Congress in 1940 and recorded it again for Moses Asch at Folkways where it was released on Woody Guthrie in 1944. In 1947 Guthrie added four verses to the song.

Appears On

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