Jimmy Durante

Inka Dinka Doo

Composed by Ben Ryan / Harry Connelly / Harry Donnelly / Jimmy Durante

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Inka Dinka Doo 1986 Geffen / Universal Special Products 2:55
No Image 1993
Various Artists
Intersound 3:00
Viva Las Vegas: Nightclub Greats 1995
Various Artists
Life Times & Music 1:40
Great Old Time Radio Stars 1995
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution 1:43
Joe Franklin Presents: The Big Vaudeville Show in the Sky 1995
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution 1:39
Legends of Stage and Screen 1996
Various Artists
Universal Special Products 2:51
Stars of Stage & Screen 1997
Various Artists
Pearl 3:05
As Time Goes By [Great Movie Themes] 1997
Various Artists
Great Movie Themes 2:55
Selection of Hooray for Hollywood 1998
Various Artists
Golden Sounds 2:51
Great Schnozzle 1998 Living Era / ASV/Living Era 2:51
Most Beautiful Melodies of the Century: Sentimental Journey 1999
Various Artists
Thanks for the Memory [Music Club] 1999
Various Artists
Music Club International Records 2:55
Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack for a Century 1999
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution 3:03
Hollywood Sings!: Golden Voices from the Silver Screen 2000
Various Artists
Perennial Music 2:57
Cocktail Hour 2000 Columbia River Entertainment Group 3:04
Flashbacks, Vol. 2: Novelty Songs 1914-1946 Crazy & Obscure 2000
Various Artists
Trikont 3:04
A Night in Hollywood 2001
Various Artists
Lifestyles 3:04
The Immortals 2001
Various Artists
Direct Source 2:54
Ha! Ha!: 24 Great Comedy Songs 2001
Various Artists
Prism Entertainment 2:56
Hooray for Hollywood [Proper] 2001
Various Artists
Proper Sales & Dist. 2:56
Those Were the Days [Direct Source] 2002
Various Artists
Direct Source Special 2:56
It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing [K-Tel!] 2003
Various Artists
K-Tel Distribution
America Remembers [3 CD] 2003
Various Artists
Direct Source 2:56
Vegas Nights 2005
Various Artists
Northquest 2:53
Great Golden Years of Hollywood 2008
Various Artists
Red X
1934: A Time To Remember The Classic Years
Various Artists
The CD Card Company 3:07
All Time Favorites of Stage & Screen
Various Artists
Halcyon 2:59
Stars of Hollywood: Singers & Actors
Various Artists
AAO Music / United Audio Entertainment 3:11
No Image
Various Artists
Razor & Tie
Volare! The Greatest Italian/American Vocalists
Various Artists
Dynamic Nostalgia 2:58
blue highlight denotes editor's pick