Van Morrison

I Wanna Roo You

Composed by Van Morrison

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Here, as he does frequently throughout Tupelo Honey, Van Morrison proclaims the joys of marital bliss and a return to the simple life. Inspired by his recent marriage to jazz singer Janet Planet, who also provides backing vocals on the track and is prominently featured in the album's artwork, Morrison delights in the cozy isolation associated with a snug snowbound homestead. While the record was recorded in California, much of the material for the record was written during a lengthy stay in Woodstock, NY, where snow is plentiful and perhaps this snowbound feeling was a new experience for the Irish-born artist. The track is country-flavored, a bouncing waltz-time jangle with slinky steel guitar from adding a Western flare, along with a chiming mandolin from session ace Ronnie Montrose. Morrison sets the scene immediately in the opening verse: "Twenty-third of December/Covered in snow/You in the kitchen/With the lights way down low/I'm in the parlor playing my old guitar/Speaking to you darling, to find out how you are." The Scottish-derivative subtitle refers to the word "roo," Scottish slang for "woo," and the words that are alternately rhymed throughout the chorus. Planet joins in here, contributing a high harmony as they sing together, "I wanna roo you/Wanna get through to you/I wanna woo you, woo you tonight." Though at several points Morrison seems intent on some serious snuggling -- "Come to me softly/Come to me quiet/Know what I'm after/I'm gonna try it/Snowstorm's on the way and we'll be stranded for a week" -- in later verses he seems more content to simply share in each others' company as they weather the storm: "And we can sit here/Look at the fire/Watch the flames leaping higher and higher/Tea on the stove food in the pan/Ain't going nowhere and we don't have many plans."

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Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Tupelo Honey 1971 Polydor 3:27
Fruity 1972
Various Artists
Warner Bros.
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