The Stone Roses

I Wanna Be Adored

Composed by Ian Brown / John Squire

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Not just the album-track opener to one of the best British LPs of all time, "I Wanna Be Adored" is a sublime storm of a track that introduced mainstream audiences to the Stone Roses' classicist revolution, an update of '60s psychedelia completely in keeping with the acid house era. The song begins with 30 seconds of atmospheric feedback -- reminiscent of a ghost train pulling into the station -- before a nimble bass line from Gary Mounfield starts it off. Soon, John Squire is echoing the bass line with his equally sublime guitar, and drummer Reni enters in turn a few bars later with punchy, echo-laden drumwork. Almost a full two minutes in, Ian Brown finally opens his mouth and begins a yearning vocal performance with the enigmatic lyric, "I don't have to sell my soul/He's already in me." Brown and Squire soar over the rhythm section, weaving voice and guitar into a mildly dizzying froth before the band reaches a restrained climax of sorts. Brown casually floats back into the song, gradually letting go to repeat the title again and again with more energy until singer and band peak at the same time, just a few seconds before the end of the song.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Stone Roses 1989 Silvertone Records 4:52
Stand Still 1991 Buccaneer 5:15
No Image 1992 Silvertone Records 3:28
Indie Top 20, Vol. 13 1993
Various Artists
Dutch East India Trading 3:30
Sedated in the Eighties, Vol. 2 1994
Various Artists
The Right Stuff 4:52
The Complete Stone Roses 1995 BMG / Sony Music
No Image 1996 Silvertone Records / Jive
Garage Flower 1996 BMG 3:29
Before X 1997
Various Artists
Intersound 4:46
Welcome to Sarajevo 1997
Original Soundtrack
Capitol 4:45
Hits from the Underground: The 80's 1998
Various Artists
BMG Special Products 4:52
British Invasion [Delta/2 Disc] 1999
Various Artists
Delta Distribution 3:31
New School Vs. Old School, Vol. 2 2000
Various Artists
Jive Electro Records / Jive 7:39
Remixes 2000 Silvertone Records 7:41
Forever Gold: British Invasion 2001
Various Artists
Delta Distribution 3:31
The Very Best of the Stone Roses 2002 4:52
The Stone Roses [Canada DVD] 2004 Jive
The Anthems: 09 2009
Various Artists
Universal Distribution 3:29
Made in Britain 2012
Various Artists
Sony Music 3:28
Great British Albums 2012
Various Artists
Sony Music 4:52
Bernard lenoir l'inrockuptible 2013
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EMI 4:51
Top Gear Driving Anthems 2013
Various Artists
Sony Music 3:29
Now That's What I Call Rock 2014
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Sony Music / Universal Music TV 3:29
The  Box Set Series: '90's Alt Rock 2015
Various Artists
Legacy / Sony Music Entertainment 4:52
Dad Songs
Various Artists
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Various Artists
Sony Music 4:53
No Image Silvertone Records
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