I Predict

Composed by Ron Mael / Russell Mael

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It took them 12 years, 11 albums, and six different record labels, but they'd finally done it. On May 15, 1982, Sparks entered the Billboard Top 100 for the first time in their career, with what Russell Mael later claimed was "our ode to the National Enquirer." And it might just be; a series of increasingly surreal predictions include such gems as "they're gonna find the Queen is a man," "cold beer and pretzels take care of cancer," "they're gonna stop Saturday night," and, most absurd of them all, "this song will fade out" -- of course, it promptly stops dead. Drawn from the critically acclaimed Angst in My Pants album and built around a furious new wave-inflected rhythm, this most determinedly daft but oddly convincing rampage soared no higher than number 60 on the American chart (longtime observers could probably have predicted that as well). Its progress, however, was surely retarded by MTV's refusal to screen the accompanying video; directed by David Lynch, the shoot took place in a cabaret-style nightclub, with a corset-and-stockings-clad Ron performing a slow, seductive striptease. Sparks' fans had long grown accustomed to the keyboard player's passing resemblance to a certain Adolf Hitler. MTV was less understanding. A live version of "I Predict," recorded in Hollywood in 1985, was subsequently included on Sparks' Heaven and Hell compilation.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Angst in My Pants 1982 Repertoire 2:50
Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection 1991 Rhino 2:50
The Hell Collection 1993 Underdog/Sony 6:30
Rock of the 80's, Vol. 8 1994
Various Artists
Priority Records
12'' Mixes [Oglio] 1999 Oglio Records 6:20
The Best of Sparks [Repertoire] 2003 Repertoire 2:53
New Music for Amnesiacs: The Ultimate Collection 2013 Lil Beethoven 2:53
Left Coast Angst: Live Radio Broadcast Recordings 1982-1983 2014 Sonic Boom 6:15
No Image Rhino 2:53
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