I Got a Line on You

Composed by Randy California

Song Review by

While preparing material for Spirit's sophomore album, The Family That Plays Together, someone mentioned to guitarist Randy California that the band needed that sure-fire "radio hit." Whether California took that advice to heart or if the muse simply struck at the right time, the band ended up with their only real Top 30 hit. Driven by a fabulously funky guitar riff and some very accessible lyrics, the song is a rock classic from beginning to end. It's also one of the few Spirit recordings where California temporary abandoned his trademark multi-track guitar orchestrations, and his magnificent solo comes across with a vague Tex-Mex feel. Underlying all of this is Spirit's finely executed harmonies, a talent that the band is rarely recognized for.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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The Best of Spirit 1973 Epic 2:40
The Thirteenth Dream 1984 Mercury 7:34
Freedom Rock 1987
Various Artists
Sessions Records
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Electric Sixties 1993
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I Got a Line on You 1995 Sony Music Distribution 2:41
Live at La Paloma 1995 C.R.E.W. 3:11
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Original Soundtrack
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At Ebbets Field, 1974 Good Ship Funke 3:30
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