Carole King

I Feel the Earth Move

Composed by Carole King

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The flip side to Carole King's 1971 number one smash "So Far Away," and nearly as big a hit in its own right, "I Feel the Earth Move" is the ultimate in hippie-chick eroticism. King's high-pitched, and frankly kind of weedy, voice will never be one immediately thought of as sexy, but that's a huge part of the song's immense charms: "I Feel the Earth Move" is the sound of an average person -- the "natural woman" King had written about for Aretha Franklin a few years before -- in the throes of passion, overwhelmed by a guy who's probably no Adonis himself, but whose very presence causes the singer to tremble like a barely set JELL-O mold. There's something so plainspoken and everyday about King's lyrics and her swooning delivery, not to mention the pumping, piano-led groove of her band, that "I Feel the Earth Move" sounds like the unleashing of an entire generation of soft-spoken college girls' collective libidos. Live, King would play with this aspect of the song, extending the "tumblin' down, tumblin' down" coda teasingly.

Appears On

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