I Don't Want to Live Without You

Composed by Mick Jones

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By the mid-1980's, Foreigner was better known for their ballads instead of the the rock songs that had won them their initial fame. This trend was maintained on Inside Information, a very slick effort whose major hit was the keyboard-dominated ballad "I Don’t Want To Live Without You." The lyrics of this song take on the pop ballad format in a direct style, playing out as a first-person pledge of devotion: "I’m longing for the time/I’m longing for the day/When I’ll be giving you this heart of mine/Believe me when I say/I don’t want to live without you." The music backs these lyrics up in a soulful but understated style, building from gentle, yearning verse melodies that ebb and flow their way up to an ethereal chorus. Foreigner’s recording of "I Don’t Want To Live Without You" wraps the song in a sleek, electronically-dominated arrangement that layers washes of synthesizer over a steady midtempo beat that is fleshed out by some meditative electric piano riffs. Lou Gramm contributes a lead vocal that avoids histrionics in favor of an emotional but very smooth delivery and his efforts are ably bolstered by some lush backing vocals. The end result lacked the distinctive rock touches of past Foreigner ballads but its combination of down-to-earth sentiment and slick craftsmanship helped "I Don’t Want To Live Without You" to become a top-ten hit for Foreigner. It remains a favorite on oldies radio, where its slick electronic sound conjures up fond memories of the 1980's for many a listener.

Appears On

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No Image
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I Don't Want To Live Without You Rhino 3:36
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